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Mar 05, 2013


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The Very Simon G

Absolutely hands down the most hideous, revolting, insulting collection of the whole of fashion month.

What Slimane has done to that house is beyond repair. Someone get the scaffolding out... it's about to crumble!

Style Cupid

Could not disagree more! Bring on the youthful new buyers... watch them rock out as the oldies die.


The only real problem I have with this is that it's neither new (not a single new idea in the entire collection) nor old. When I was in school this is how the cool kids dressed. When I went to university, this is still how most people dressed. Even now, quite a few of my friends from home still dress like this. If you go out on a Saturday night in Glasgow, or Leeds, or non-central London, people still dress like this. I still have cardigans and skinny scarves and skinny jeans in my wardrobe. I guess I just want 'catwalk fashion' to be a little something better than I already own, can find in a charity shop, or is currently being sold by The Kooples. Whatever people say about the cut or the fabrics, these clothes don't look to me like they're worth the ££££ SLP will no doubt price them at. Their might be the odd piece I'd want from the menswear, but the overall look just screams HIGH STREET to me.

Style Cupid

That's fair. I just want to look like the cool kids tbh. The expensive version of it - even if it looks shitty high-street.

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